The Story Behind Our Sculptures

Collaborating, Creating, Evaluating & Sharing

The Year 9 English class have completed their viewing of 'The Mighty', analysed camera shots to discuss the importance of characters and significant settings. Students work collaboratively and generally, enjoy English. This is nothing new in the English classroom. However, what came next, is moving into new territory. Thanks to 'Hack Your Class', inspired by Claire Amos and Steve Mouldey, from HPSS, along with the many bloggers who have shared their own experiences in #hackyrclass, I am ready to step up and run with it. Students were given various materials, a limited time frame and the following CHALLENGE:

Create a sculpture based around a theme, message or idea from 'The Mighty' that LINKS to self and/or other texts studied this year. Most importantly though, ensure there is a story behind the sculpture, which you will share with us.

Selecting materials to create

On task, engaged, making and discussing

Collaboration and engagement - creative & curious
Theme: the importance of Friendship
Theme: flying with our dreams, overcoming obstacles like Max and Kevin
Explaining the contrast between Kevin and Max - 'ying/yang'
A display of their creations - even better, stories from the heart

- students are engaged, motivated, collaborative, talking, making connections, and enjoying themselves. Students were able to articualte an important theme or idea, plus link these clearly to self and other texts. Considering they dread the thought of speaking in front of each other, and "speeches", they spoke without any hesitation. When I pointed that out to them, they felt that the sculptures took the focus away from them. They felt empowered.

We have a mission in our Learning Area, and it is simple. Ultimately, we want our students to be:

Enjoying English Everytime

What is your mission?