From Comfort to Challenge

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

When this term's Emerging Leaders, EduIgnite, invitation arrived, I knew I had to sign up for three reasons. Firstly, one of my goals this year is to model to my students that I too am a learner, that I will push myself beyond my comfort zone and step up to the challenge. Secondly, the event was being held at Torbay School, which is where my first experiences in education began, back in 1978 as a cute 5 year old. Finally, as we attended EduIgnite Auckland last year, Martin and I knew that when we went back, we would have to present - it's the rules. 

Based on our own Masters Journey, our presentation focused on the findings of our research around Leadership Development and Appraisal of Middle Leaders in New Zealand Secondary Schools (2012). Although this feels like a lifetime ago, we both still feel really passionate about Middle Leadership and the continued lack of effective middle leadership development and appraisal happening in schools. 

EduIgnite presentations: The Rules

You have 5 minutes, 20 slides with a 15 second autoplay. Although this may sound easy - it isn't quite that simple when you are a perfectionist. As I said though, this year is about stepping out. 

Handy Hints:

1. Be very clear about the WHY? 
2. Work though all your information until you have a very clear point.
3. Keep slides simple, concise and clear.
4. Practice the timing and rehearse your notes. Use cue cards.
5. Always have your Slide Show in the cloud
6. Relax, enjoy and remember to smile.

With all of that in mind, here is our presentation.


Caught in the Middle two sides of the coin

Mid Flight - Jo and Martin - the dream team
It was great to be back at my primary school, thanks for hosting us Torbay School. Furthermore, I enjoyed listening to the various topics, ranging from passions through to enacting a school wide vision. 
Meaningful & Valued Appraisal, alongside regular & ongoing Leadership Development 

Also, thanks for the connections, tweets and instant feedback, both during and after our presentation. 
That is the power of twitter. That is the power of a strong PLN.

If you are interested in our talk, feel free to listen

Our Slides may also be accessed here.