National Networking Hui - Learning Session #NNH

Passion Projects - Akoranga o Naenae

Presenters: Kelly Layton, Clare and Natasha

What If?

What if we try something innovative? The opportunity to try something different, experiment, take risks, in a safe, controlled way. They wanted a neutral location - off site to provide a shared space, connecting around learning. There was an emphasis on lateral learning. We built a network - teachers working across schools, with students from across the AoN.

Common threads: Transparent, collaborative, active learning, devices used to enhance learning. A job description to reflect the AoN vision was created. 
They clearly established a definition of active learning, through much brainstorming, discussion and debate.

Six traits of Active Learners:

  1. Questioning
  2. Purpose
  3. Choose
  4. Resilience
  5. Reflect
  6. Connect
These traits were explicitly taught through the students' Passion Projects - real life projects, such as gardening, coding, dance and sport. Framework provided for the students planning. A sharing day after 14 weeks. Now evaluating the process. Great to see these traits were connected and explicitly flowing back into their daily classrooms. 


  • Communication - 6 schools, 20 teachers, 45 students + whānau
  • Cohesion - 
  • Building relationships (only see the students once a week)
  • Priority Learners - trying to scaffold them for 
  • Technology - varied, accessibility
  • Work Load


- created own, as hard to measure  - how to know and be an active learner. Self assessment for students before and after. Utilising Learning Maps. Evaluations include Video interviews, surveys, self assessment. 

Our students are:
Engaged, actively involved,
confident, feeling successful, willing to share, transferring their skills, & INSPIRED