Core Education Breakfast Workshop: Education 2050

Education is... "Lighting of a fire" 

Our NZC is something to be proud of...

Confident, Connected, Actively Involved, Lifelong Learners

The urgency is in the need to address both the academic and soft skills simultaneously - AND not just by adding more to the curriculum...
We are living in an interactive - not passive world, with intuition and immediacy.

Definitions and measures

  • seat time, job skills, soft skills, test scores, memorisation
Task One
Role plays - often dreaded yet so powerful to really delve into creating convincing arguments and to surface deep thinking.
Groups: The weakest Link - Box thinking, Real People High, Academic Aim High School and 'Getta Job'...

Reflecting on learning - how did we learn? Decision making? Collaboration? Sharing? Surfacing assumptions... Loved the modelling of reflection time built into this session. Moving from the implicit to the explicit.

In Neil Postman's The End of Education, he explores the challenges we face if we don't react. What should the solutions be about? 

What are schools for?

  • Consumers to creators 
  • Moral Purpose (Fullan) making a difference for ALL our learners
  • reducing the gap between high and low performers, 
  • transforming leadership, capabilities for all
Task Two 
From 2015: Forbes, Economist Intelligence Unit, NZ Business Review - what would your TOP 5 be? A powerful exercise to collaborate and determine what we could be focusing our efforts on...

Tēnā rawa atu koe Derek and participants - a stimulating morning, and great to meet people and put faces to names!