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Innovator's Mindset - Kiwi Style

Ko Wai Au? Who Am I?

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Ko Rangitoto te maunga - My mountain is Rangitoto

Ko Waiake te moana - My ocean is Waiake

Ko Australis te waka - My canoe - The Australis

Ko Ngāti Ingarangi te iwi - My tribe is British

Ko Tāmaki Makaurau te kāinga - I live in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

Ko Martin taku hoa tāne - My husband is Martin

Ko Mikayla rātou, Ko Callum, Ko Madeline, Ko Jack aku tamariki

- My children are Mikayla, Callum, Madeline and Jack

Ko Donald Robson Bassett te whānau - My family - Donald, Robson & Bassett

Ko Linda tōku māmā, Ko Graham tōku pāpā - My Mum, Linda, & my Dad, Graham

Ko Joanne tōku ingoa - I am Joanne

As a Mum of four emerging adolescents, an experienced educator, and more recently, an Education Consultant, my mission is to ensure we are truly preparing our tamariki children for THEIR future. I feel privileged to be part of CORE Education's, Tātai Aho Rau, Future Focused Education team. We are lifelong learners, innovators and are proud to be pushing the boundaries of educational possibility - check out a previous blog post from last year's ULearn15 conference here. Our job is to work with schools, leaders, communities and learners to transform their practice, their spaces, and their learning, to ensure our learners' needs are being met, within their unique context. Another reason why my twitter handle and blog are called eMPOWERedNZ - empowering together - Aukaha, Kia kaha!

Discovering 'Innovator's Mindset'
As an avid reader, I curate my Professional Reading using hashtag #ProfReading. My aim is to provide busy people with soundbites of inspiration. Innovator's Mindset was no exception. I particularly like the provocations and the challenge to take action. 
I first read Innovator's Mindset in February #ProfReading

Discovering via #IMMOOC

Unpacking the Introduction...

As Couros states, if our learners "leave school less curious, then we've failed", I love this challenge - change is an opportunity to do something amazing. If we take a moment to consider what the 'museum' of education might look like (like Blockbusters), then we can ask ourselves - what is possible? My children (born in the mid 2000s) do not know life without WiFi. My junior high students were horrified that I hand wrote essays when I attended university in the 90s. The rate of change is rapid, yet for many in education, there is little to no change at all.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, our curriculum encourages schools/kura to design curriculum to meet the needs of their community. Many schools have taken this challenge as an opportunity to rethink teaching, leading and learning. In turn, rethinking the role of teachers, leaders and students is essential. Ideally, we all need to be learners, in turn:

 "Innovation is not reserved for the few...we all need to embrace if we are to move forward"

How are we empowering our learners to be: innovative, creative, curious, engaged, critical thinkers, problem-finders, and collaborative problem solvers? 

Where are the opportunities to create meaningful change? 

First and foremost though, we need to really know our learners - see my previous reflection here.  In what ways have you engaged with your learners? What are their passions? Aspirations? Strengths? Areas to improve? 
Reference: Beyond Knowing

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