Core Education Breakfast Workshop: Education 2050

Education is... "Lighting of a fire" 

Our NZC is something to be proud of...

Confident, Connected, Actively Involved, Lifelong Learners

The urgency is in the need to address both the academic and soft skills simultaneously - AND not just by adding more to the curriculum...
We are living in an interactive - not passive world, with intuition and immediacy.

Definitions and measures

  • seat time, job skills, soft skills, test scores, memorisation
Task One
Role plays - often dreaded yet so powerful to really delve into creating convincing arguments and to surface deep thinking.
Groups: The weakest Link - Box thinking, Real People High, Academic Aim High School and 'Getta Job'...

Reflecting on learning - how did we learn? Decision making? Collaboration? Sharing? Surfacing assumptions... Loved the modelling of reflection time built into this session. Moving from the implicit to the explicit.

In Neil Postman's The End of Education, he explores the challenges we face if we don't react. What should the solutions be about? 

What are schools for?

  • Consumers to creators 
  • Moral Purpose (Fullan) making a difference for ALL our learners
  • reducing the gap between high and low performers, 
  • transforming leadership, capabilities for all
Task Two 
From 2015: Forbes, Economist Intelligence Unit, NZ Business Review - what would your TOP 5 be? A powerful exercise to collaborate and determine what we could be focusing our efforts on...

Tēnā rawa atu koe Derek and participants - a stimulating morning, and great to meet people and put faces to names!

CORE Education Breakfast 2016: Derek Wenmoth

Being Educated in 2050? 

Early start in Tāmaki Makaurau

Looking back to understand OUR future

As Derek looked back at the 1950s; traditional curriculum, and an industrial model of education, we were then able to consider what it will mean to be educated, 34 years from now.

CORE Education's Jo Wilson welcoming Derek Wenmoth 
Derek Wenmoth - CORE Breakfast 2016

Backdrop - 2050?

We start wondering about: How we will live? How we'll play? Interact? Our Travel? Move over Uber - 2 -3 years - no driver! Driverless trucks - not bound by 12 hour rule - likewise Google cars, coming to an office near you - automation, The Economist. 14 companies - 25 billionaires eg: Dropbox, Uber, Pinterest. Did you know there are 1,810 billionaires in the world (Forbes, March 2016)
18/25 are under 30 - a culture of: spawning of an idea, social networks, crowd sourcing - fix fast, fail fast.

The future?

New skill sets - NZC addresses these, but are they embedded into our schools enough to ensure that we are preparing our learners for their future?

Alfie Kohn examines the purpose of education rather than defining what it means to be educated. In Leaving to Learn - Ten Expectations - are we asking the learners?

Two faces of Education 

On one side, there is an academic focus. The other, the necessary soft skills of empathy etc. 
One way of addressing this is the global project: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL). Michael Fullan will feature at this year's ULearn16.

So what?

1. Knowledge Creation - a process not product, collaboration, acquiring knowledge as a series of truths is obsolete
2. Working with abstractions - eg: How might we use infographics to work collectively - what is the science behind it? 
3. Systems thinking - complex, more variables, intuition - hunches 
4. Cognitve Persistence  eg - digital distraction. Following extended lines of thought, creative effort. It's not just black and white. Check out 
5. Collective Cognitive responsibility - beyond collaboration, giving ownership to students

And finally, a Call to action.

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see" Neil Postman

Confessions of an avid reader

You are what you EAT READ...

A #Soulshine coffee & a good book is heavenly
You may have noticed I am an avid reader. The perfect day involves a great book and a cuppa. I read widely, both professionally and for pleasure. When I am not immersed in educational matter, I am in heaven reading Margaret Atwood, many Aotearoa authors, the classics, and anything else with rich vocabulary, a sharp narrative and challenges the reader to think.
A few of my favourites...


If you are wanting the 'sound bite' fix of Professional Readings, you may wish to check out the tweets using #ProfReading - a curation of these is here. In addition, the summer edition of our CORE Education blog contains a collection of 'Must Reads', from our prolific CORE readers. To check out my current reads, check out the #ProfReading hashtag. If you want to add yours, please do - love learning...

Thanks to the wonderful Paula Eskett, CORE's Knowledge Curator, who continues to supply me with my #ProfReading fix.

Prior to working at CORE Education Tātai Aho Rau, we established a Professional Reading Brekkie Cub (PRBC) at AJHS. A group of 'keen beans', including Danielle Myburgh met every Friday, ate brekkie and discussed relevant and topical readings we had read during the week. As part of 'My Portfolio', I kept a journal of our readings, plus reflections. This was also evidence for my RTCs (now PTCs).

Terry Beech established @edubookchatNZ as a way of encouraging educators to share and discuss.

This year, Steve Mouldey, is facilitating the #edchatNZ Reading Room.

Lifelong Readers...

Instilling a love of books is one of the best gifts we can give. My tamariki and whānau always receive books from us - gifts that keep on giving. Check out previous posts in Book Corner for teenage reads, plus Sandrea Ware's blog which is fantastic, and truly reflective of our emerging adolescents.  

Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words...

Chocolate + Kindle = happy days