Day 1: #edchatnz - the inaugural conference


Thanks Danielle - fellow geek

It seems appropriate that my first blog is based on the first #edchatnz conference and my first tweet. Inspired by the 'world famous in #educational worlds, @MissDtheteacher, Danielle - this one's for you, for encouraging me to dive in. 

Keynote: Mark Osborne - What's YOUR story?

Session 2

Digital Literacy - Learning and Social Implication Andrew Cowie

I planned to attend this session, however, I found it too hard to hear from the  back. Andrew recommended:

  • Digital Literacy Across the Classroom A future Lab Handbook
  • The 8 elements of Digital Literacies

Instead, my mission was to observe HPSS students in action. What follows is a photo gallery of extended Hub time and Small Modules. I was able to chat with students and get a feel for where they are at with their learning. I was happy to point two students to #kidsedchatnz as they were trying to gain more followers.
'Pimp my mousetrap' - a community challenge

Waiarohia - one of the three learning communities

I have a special connection with one hub coach, Martin

Session 3

Nanogirl - impressive, inspiring, exciting

Transport Us - fabulous planning sheets that show their process.
Students seemed engaged and focused.

Keep your ideas to yourself - good ol' donut to get the students talking - loudly.

Movers and Shakers - making connections between harakeke and whanau.
Wandered around, many students engaged

Apocalypse Now - huge module, with many conference attendees also.
Those that had to report back, did well, although I am not sure how much the other groups heard.

Taking Care of Business - Sarah in full flight - tariffs & cars!
Teams were about to present as I left for lunch.

Session 4 The political debate - Claire Amos

I thoroughly enjoyed this session - informative, fast paced and highly entertaining. I decided to tweet summaries of each party (National/Labour and Greens). Based on the audience's reactions, Labour was a sure winner - although Hipkins nearly lost everyone with his nothing has changed since the 1930s - REALLY? However, Barry kept digging a hole further as she proceeded to tell us about teacher shortages and the lack of people wanting to become a teacher! I found it really frustrating that all three were trying to tell us our jobs, rather than WHY we should vote for them. National Standards, EDUCANZ and Lead Principals/Teachers will NOT get my vote...
If I am honest, vote AMOS - Claire was great, despite at one point having to bite her tongue - I think she actually was speechless.

My brain was buzzing, my brain was overwhelmed. My brain was unsure of where to begin. Still so many thoughts, comments and questions to ponder. Tomorrow is another day - can't wait!