From Novice to Host - #edchatnz plus #EngchatNZ

Here is the collated from our recent #EngchatNZ Survey  

Like #edchatnz, we are given a list of possible topics to vote on. I was invited by Alex, to host tonight's chat. Thanks to sound advice from Ros and Alex, alongside Danielle's GHO - another thing - all the acronyms, I was ready and waiting, of course, totally nervous and excited combined.
A quick hint, if you haven't downloaded TweetDeck, you will find it easy to have several columns open at a time. 

 How is English evolving to meet our 21st C learners and beyond? #engchatnztopic

This week's questions:

A special thank you to Toni for creating this week's Storify.

I love the interesting ideas, discussions, encouragements and challenges these chats bring. Of course, you have to mull over things after the event, which is where the storify is helpful. 


I like to leave people feeling like they could walk back into the classroom tomorrow and apply their new knowledge, skill, challenge or question. 
Here are mine - what are yours?


Danielle, Alex, Toni and Ros, plus of course all the tweeters #EngchatNZ and of course, @EngchatNZ

Po Marie #EngChatNZ