Evaluating Ms Robson, 2014

What do they really think?

As promised, I provided the students with opportunities to have their say. To ensure that I am accountable, for continuous improvement and pure curiosity in me, I set up class evaluations annually. This year, I opted for a Google Form for two reasons. First, it is easily accessible and secondly, the instant feedback I receive is valuable.
I love that they take this evaluation seriously
Here is the survey I emailed to students in my Year 9 and 10 English classes. I also created the QR code, which was displayed in our room. The response rate was approximately 35%, which is not great, but about average from my research experience.

For me, reflecting on the data to improve is vital.

What works well?


I am pleased that students comment about their engagement, relationships and enjoyment within our classroom. They believe that I am helpful, provide feedback and give them the ability to discover learning at their pace. 

Even Better if?

Common threads of improvement, other than the usual demands for more movies and cake, seem to focus on the need for more guidance to reach independence. A couple of students want a quieter environment, whilst others think having more revision would be useful.

Know thy Teacher

Next, students selected characteristics that best fit me as a teacher. The top characteristics they highlighted were: helpful, motivating, firm yet fair, patient, empathetic and an active listener. Interestingly, when our ako began this year, they brainstormed characteristics of an ideal teacher and student - check out the blog post here. Furthermore, an excellent clip posted by Mr Perry - Things Teachers Should Hear, resonates well here.

Rate my Teacher

Using Likert Scales, 1 = Strongly Disagree through to 6 = Strongly Agree, students rated me on each of the following statements.

The first two graphs show that by and large, I am knowledgeable and approachable. As for personalised learning, it seems to me an area to work on further. Further probing could include: perceived? explicit? visible? 
Once again, our goal of e3 - Enjoying English Every time is evident, and students feel that they are genuinely cared for. Likewise, the fact that the majority know where we are going and what success looks like is pleasing. Kind Specific and Helpful Feedback is highlighted as a strength - this is ongoing, varied, and used by us all.  
The Key Competencies 'TRUMP' have been used as dispositions, as ways of empowering students to take ownership of their learning. By Thinking, Relating to Others, Understanding symbols and texts, Managing Self and last but not least, participating and contributing, students are equipped with life long learning habits. However, quite clearly, this is a very varied response recorded below and further work is required for its overall success.
I would like to investigate the safe environment further, as for me it is concerning that potentially 5 students do not feel strongly that their environment is safe and focused.

Here are some extra comments:
- Thank you for such an enjoyable two years of English :)
- I really enjoyed English this year, it was one of my favourite subjects.
- Thanks for being the best teacher
- I've learnt a lot this year in English!
- Ms Robson is FABULOUS!
- I had an enjoyable year studying English.
- I have had Miss Robson for almost two years now and she has been a wonderful English teacher. She always motivated us to read more because she said it will help you improve in English. I never used to believe her but now, from her motivation, I am reading every night and have watched my English marks improve dramatically.
- Hi Miss, you are one of the most wonderful teachers I have ever met. I'm very glad that you teach me English. Thanks for teaching us.


Overall, I feel that my students have had a successful year. I truly believe that their positive learning environment encourages them to be self driven and thirsty for knowledge. Building curiosity, independence and ownership for their learning have been some of my goals. Building strong relationships certainly is the key, and makes this time both celebratory and sad. Not only am I farewelling this year's group of students, I am also saying good bye to the school, where I have been for the past ten years - but that is another blog, for another day!