Making it Modern - Work in Progress

Our Modern Library Learning Environment (MLLE)

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This is something we constantly ask to ensure that we protect our third place - a place we see as a blend of recreational/information seeking/social flexible space. Ultimately, our library is the heart, the manawa of the school. Therefore, it needs to be: invitational, a point of difference, responsive, reflect and support the school vision, fluid, have adaptable flexible learning spaces, ongoing initiatives, accessible, adaptive, service, spaces, connected, digital, collaborative. Check out our recent presentation here, 'Dancing in the Dark'.

Flexible Working spaces

Adaptive and responsive
Utilising our flexible spaces

Considerations for MLLE/MLE:

* Staff

- Library Manager/TLE - regular time/meeting to plan and drive change.

- Library Manager/librarian/student librarians/Library Team - value added teams

- upskilling the non digital natives, we need to offer them the best to enable them to help their students. Web based, social media contexts

- look at how staff use the library - purchased data projector screen & portable screen for presentations.

- Chromebooks - 10 were trialled by the library. Now, 7 have been purchased, via English and Social Sciences
* Space

- flexible/environment/never static/functional

- host author visits/PLD/English Learning Area Meetings/Enrolments/Powhiri

- physical and virtual worlds - not limited to the room

- personalising learning

- connecting with community, feeder schools - Kids’ Lit Quiz, Spell it Out

* Students

- students’ needs/personalised learning

- authentic, lifelong learning

- Want our students to be: communicators, work ethic, perseverance, working collaboratively, and multiliterate (Sandretto & Tilson, 2014)

* Programmes/Services

- Athenaeum

- Chromebooks

- Access 24/7 - Library Catalogue/Blog/ePlatform

- copying/printing - before/after school, during day

- ICT support - during interval/lunchtime

* Budget
- More please!

Vibrant, invitational, student centered
Our annual book sale - weeding the old, to bring in the new
Book Chat - just one of the possibilities

Challenges and Hurdles to Overcome

- Budget - no increase of budget - parent forum/support from some departments.

- Vision - if stagnant - school vision, the Library / Literacy team are driving changes - continuous PLD/readings

- Skillset - varying IT skillbase of students/staff

- High use: heavy traffic in the library - several items due for refurbishment

- High demand

Engaged Learners, Blended Learning
The Chrome Books have been an excellent addition. 
These are available for students during the day.

How to implement Change?

  • Principal - # 1 Driver
  • Demand High expectations - staff / teachers / students
  • Library thrives on meeting the needs of our students
  • Visionary - our vision of a library - focussing on the importance of relationships with students and staff - offering personalised services - being the "go to" person for information needs.  Value added, transforming learning. To anticipate and be proactive.  Build a team of student librarians. Being a active member of professional groups and undertaking ongoing professional development PLUS The traditional view of a shushing librarian being an exception rather than the rule.
  • First impressions count
Our amazing Library Manager, Sandrea Ware
Christmas strawberries, ice cream, meringues & treats to say THANKS to our fantastic student librarians
Members of the NARATE committee, at our Term 4 Literary Quiz
Professional Learning and Development is held in our Library
Fabulous food by Julie, Visual Impact Ltd
Christmas Cheer for All
 Students & staff collected luxury food items for the Albany Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal, 2014
Wishing you a very
Merry Christmas 

Meri Kirihimete e te whānau

AJHS Library Team 2014