National Networking Hui - Keynote #NNH

Learning and Change: to what end? Refreshing our mission

Valerie Hannon

Valerie challenges us to take a sharp look at what we know about the future. We need to take the global trends seriously and therefore, look at the contentions.

If Leadership is about facing the future...are we?

What is Learning for?

  1. Planetary / Global - to live within the earth's renewable resources.
  2. National / Local Level - "learn a living" - career paths are changing. Need breadth. 
3. Interpersonal - empathy, compassion. To lead, collaborate, connect - our learners need a sense of identity and belonging.

4. Intrapersonal - we are never offline. Wearable technology 

It is an outer and inner journey...

Addressing the future - refreshing our mission

The extension/addition of the emergent trends (in red)
- personalised + developing intention and interiority
- connected + thinking global (acting locally)
- integrated + an integrated human - developempathy, compassion and wisdom

"When an old culture is dying, the new culture is born from a few people who are not afraid to be insecure" 
Rudolf Bahro

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