National Networking Hui - Keynote #NNH

Science isn't just a Subject

Presenter: Dr Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl)

Why Science?

Michelle wanted to build and invent new technologies to help better the world. Preferred doing, rather than talking. In doing things, I learnt, I played, I was curious. I wanted to know why the toast browns, or how a DVD player.

Introducing Nanogirl

Nanogirl was created - got 'gunged' on 'What Now', and co founded OMG - Tech Rangers. Marshmallow catapoults - change the colour, change the title - and they are engaged. We teach them about their body - pulse, oxygen, not Science, just how to survive in the world, and how the world works. If you are afriad of Science, then how can you come up with decisions to important questions.

Our Challenge:

Remove the lab coats, promote Science, without mentioning Science, and provide the role models to 

inspire our learners

Nanogirl has certainly had a positive impact on my own children and their love of Science: