ULearn15: Education 2050 Panel

Reimagining Education

What will it mean to educated in 2050?

On the Panel with Derek Wenmoth, CORE Education

Welcoming the 'Passion on the Stage' featuring:
Marianne Malstrom - 24 years teaching, Minecraft, the virtual world of gaming, robust learning and collaboration.

Barbara Cavanagh (ASHS) - on books, reading and the need to READ READ READ! - "I had to inhale all the pages". 

Pam Hook - interested in learning - what was an educated person in the past, now and in the future? Equity issue? Hungry for the privilege for ALL. Access ways of thinking and knowing, Choice opportunity in their own l
"To be educated to get some sort of advantage"

Russell Burt - Pt England Principal, Manaiakalani Cluster
journey busted - tinkering was already broken. Make a difference
Māori and Pasifika - love joy and forgiveness - passion

Round One: 

PH - Much has been written on learning in the 21st Technology, learning spaces and society - let's focus on society - suggest that knowledge has always been about stuff, knowing stuff - level of meaning at deep or conceptual level. Level of learning. Interpreted within cultural context - reimagined it 
content - reimagined in cultural context of the time - advantageous, people already advantaged - keep it for their own family - increasingly, letting people in on the game - schools wanting more access - PhDs - no jobs, weird thing - certificates, credits and way of measuring, fall back, disappointment as 
rejection of specialist knowledge -  deep learning of how to do stuff, how to do things. 

RB - Aotearoa 2050 - Gardner 'Barbarians at the gate' - education, equity and access. Means Te Tiriti o Waitangi - address operational reality effective Treaty partnerships, cosmopolitan society - different people fortunate. Remarkable foundation. Work with, genuine partnership, outcomes that 
rugby - world beaters, real time it is happening, but not sure why we don't. Knowledge - ethical visible equity. Let's go beyond Hattie's visible learning - sustainability, real world issues. make without breaking

MM- my brain is hurting - American space
Love watching the 
timeless - sometimes so focused on the narrative - we have been on this planet for a long time, technology - access important issue
Clues  - the great equaliser - no longer have to be required to access the K from the elite. Sugatra Mitra - SOLE - not just having access, partnership, co learners - life literacy that they lack (digital fluency). We have things to learn from our students that we have never had to rely on. Giver of the K, mentor etc, kids are learning. Virtual space and gaming - a whole lot of learning is happening and it not in schools - self organised, no assessment, shared specialities. Replicating in my own learning 
inspire passion ability to learn - exposure to the great ideas, solve problems, dynamics are changing.

BC - some things stay the same - how much do we really teach our students to participate politically. Who I am? Identity? Teach them to be discerning, instant, internet access,  the extra bit - take them away from that -beyond the life they lead - being informed, well read, be there for kids as teachers to inspire to be thoughtful, based on evidence - opinions? Flash, flash - fast, global world they live in. Cultural literacy required. Who will be in parliament? Exciting - need to ensure that they are prepared. Solving world panels - Science - really change - teach Scie - solving things - heightened awareness to save the world
Adaptive expertise (Timperley) how do we know what will happen? Need to be adaptive, failing as a way of learning, collaborative. One of the things - computers can do just about anything - we want to make sure that we hold on to the HUMAN - fun, social, interactive, creating, problem solving, socialisation, empathy.


DW - Reiterated - equity, societal, emancipation, citizenship underpinning that, sense of who we are, purpose. Cultural literacy - part of a global economy. Big issues.


If these are the issues, what can we do as educators? Educational Structures? 

RB- population pressure, borders and boundaries, not tech driven, unlocated kids- move around, enormous challenge. Physically connect, not just virtually. Healthy land, food and water. Quest is practical - access - citizens of Aotearoa - educate for these - STEM subjects applied? The gifts are here - media bagging Fonterra, Zespri, natural things that we could be doing to make our country cleaner, better, greener. 

BC - bringing it back - struggle in schools - driver - flip schools on the head - challenge the system. Not if you are bright, how you are bright - justice in the world.Research - DO something about it! The traditions are destructive - they are WRONG!!! How do we build a school/education for everyone. Leadership mindsets - flip way of thinking

MM - I hated school too - disrespectful of the system - I did get an education - We do not have students at this panel - go back and bring your students in to the conversation - so partnership.

BC - Impact Day - not restricted by the times, hierarchies gone - advertising kids are capable - admit that and embrace, can't hold them back.

PH - the cars are parked more than they are driven - schools closed more often than not - open up school 24/7. Pay to learn from them. Learn through common sense. Explode school - disgregate school. not far fetched - some already there. Lets not limit to the school day.

RB - school complex set of technologies. Far more successful. What it does - 
School is awful for many globally. Enjoy what we have. NZC - - do all kinds of funky stuff. ERO want improvement.

Education Credentials? 

MM - what we have now, won't serve us. Robust learning outside school, yet inside the knuckle down. USA: Common core - whereas you are addressing the whole learner here in NZ

BC - Impact Day - BC - Liam at 16 - make sure you have PK - before you begin your Uni studies.

PH - credentials will grow, grow grow! Not allowed to do anything without a certificate, badge.

How do we decide what is advantageous?
PH - we created all the problems, that the learners need to fix! Consumer, maker, 

RB - What is advantaged? Encourage kids who they are where they belong and what they want. caring for people. Ancient wisdoms, spiritualities, with new hopes - nice, caring, don't lose sight of their whakapapa. 

BC - That is what schools are for - connections of the past - educative purpose, living in the present, with the wisdom of the past. I want schools, teachers, learners still - there is a place for people.

MM - physical space touchstone - still content driven in States. Holding on to community in NZ whole community/person

BC - Leader in the School - driven by National Standards - WHY? This nonsense has got to stop - write your own reports. 

RB - meet our legal obligations - but we have a moral purpose to keep 

Panel One Liners:

PH - a citizen, to belong, to know that you matter to others and you can make a difference for others. Mindset - my success is nothing unless we all are succeeding

RB - beyond Rangatiratanga & Maramatanga. Citizenship with full enfranchisement for all

BC- well read and versed in the wisdoms of the past cultural sensitivity, one view, an awareness of equally valid other views

MM- constant open and inquisitive agile and adaptive

To conclude, Derek reminded us of the Permision to Play panel with Jane Gilbert - collaboration essential part of this. As teachers, we are great at locking away and being convivial. We stroke each other's egos. However, for real collaboration - conflict and being prepared to stand back and see what emerges. 

As a panel - they are prepared to be uncomfortable. It is about US, not me. Great to have dissonance, provocations to challenge us, make us feel uncomfortable. WOW - stimulating, challenging, food for though, feeling uncomfortable - definitely! Thanks to you all - well worth attending.

Tēnā rawa atu koutou katoa

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