ULearn15 Keynote 1: Grant Lichtman: #EdJourney in Aotearoa

Keys to Successful School Innovation

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to meet Grant Lichtman, and his wife Julie, at this year's CORE Education ULearn15 Conference. After discovering #EdJourney, and the subsequent interactions via Twitter, meeting Grant in person, was a professional highlight.

Here is the keynote post I captured as part of my CORE Education role at ULearn this year - my first ULearn also! There are numerous twitter feeds #ULearn15, #CENZ15 and of course, #edblognz, to explore. Loved the illustrator who captured the keynote visually - AMAZING!
In the Zone

Driving towards an innovative education for ALL
 Our fantastic EdTalk team have been extremely busy, yet efficient, here is the live stream of Grant's keynote here.

Grant has an amazingly funny sense of humour - seen here at the Gala evening, and of course, as he was preparing for his pēpeha! 

On the High Seas...

The key message:

There is URGENCY in our challenge/wero. We need to STOP talking, and start DOING! Spread the brushfire of innovation, prototype, push the educational boundaries, reflect, share and connect! 

Au kaha, kia kaha!