DEANZ 2016 Conference: There and Back - CORE Education

Practice Paper: All's Well that ends Better: Engagement & Retention in a Collaborative Online Environment

As facilitators, Joanne Robson and Sarah Whiting, along with Lachlan McLaren from the Learning Design team, we know first hand what it is like to experience learning online.  When we made the decision to submit a practice paper for DEANZ16, we conducted our meetings online - and only physically came together for the conference. From Christchurch, Whakatane and Auckland, we have a good sense of how our participants in the CORE Education Empower courses expereince distance learning. (Check out our latest courses on offer)

As we were first time facilitators, our professional inquiry was developed around our curiosity and desire to really engage and retain the participation of all our participants.
CORE Education's Lachie and Jo presenting, with Sarah there in spirit 

All's well - or is it?

Here is our practice paper and presentation. Check out the (un)expected outcomes on our journey...

Our next step is to continue developing our inquiry, and build on our experiences.