DEANZ 2016 Conference: There and Back - Keynote Joyce Seitzinger

Learner Experience Design: Discovering tools and ideas for orchestrating the learner experience

Joyce Seitzinger

Transcending the material 

Going beyond - transformational experience
User Experience Design - (UX is not UI
As a result - new jobs - UX designers - made into the Top 5 Tech Salary
  • Experience Design - consequence of many systems
  • Human Centered (Don Norma)
  • Service Design Thinking 
Empathy for the user
Co creation 
Design across the gaps - considering the whole picture when we are creating the learner experience. All coordinating their actions.

LX Double Diamond

Check out link 
- prototyping "if a picture is worth a 1000 words, a prototype is worth a 1000 meetings" (Tom & David Kelley)

Learner Observation - asking them to sketch and talk aloud. 
Card Sorting - talk aloud and record information
Coding Conversations- POSTit notes - defined trends

Findings: not common, varied jargon - underlying problem solved 
User interviews - guide, formality, clear and important part of the interview
Empathy Mapping 
Personas - make information available - easy to spread, accessible, 
eg: Anxious Emma - design with all of them in mind.
Affinity Diagramming
Problem Statements
How Might We?
Storyboarding - demonstrate user scenarios
Journey Map 
Map the Learner paths and Touch Points (interacts with product/course)
Identify Barriers and 
Different ways of Collaborating

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Joyce (@catspyjamasnz)  along with FLANZ (@FlexLearnNZ), bring you:
A FLANZ conversation with Joyce - here

Fabulous links/recording - be ready to be inspired.