Keynote: Betsy Corcoran - Of Unicorns and flying elephants:

Is this the future of EdTech?

I have been fortunate to attend the inaugural NZTECH Education Technology Summit being held at Massey University. CORE Education ( is a foundation partner. Check out #techleadersnz.

CEO and Co-Founder of EdSurge (USA)  - 

Trends Matter to our ākonga

Trend One: Science and Tech

 Augmented Reality, HAPTIC tech, Robots, Synthetic biology - Neri Oxman 
Key Questions:

  • What are the questions we should ask about these emerging technologies? 
  • How do we want our students to use these? 
  • How do they want to use these in our lives?

Trend Two: Business 

State of Edtech 2016 report, Edtech investors club, more small start up companies and Unicorns - billion recent dozen years - 150 companies 2U, Lynda, PluralSight Udacity ABC Mouse - not really many in EdTech - and that is a good thing according to @betsy_ 

We have to ask - What is the value? Identify the problem and how to overcome these challenges? is there a tool that can help this?

Trend 3: Socio-Political 

Demographic shifts, differing starting lines, increasing racial diversity, growing English learner population 
% of workforce Changing- 

less agriculture manufacturing - higher creative and service

So what?

Key message - extraordinary technology advancements will continue to change our world. All of our tamariki will/need to be involved - we need to consider the role of technology and how we want to use it?
Where do we stand to ensure our ākonga have the power to ask questions, push back, and be true to their values and culture.

Tēnā rawa atu koe, Betsy.