Yong Zhao - Measuring what Counts:

Reframing Education Outcomes

After listening to Catherine Ryan's Nine to Noon conversation with Yong Zhao (see below), I immediately ordered his latest offering - Counting what Counts: Reframing Education Outcomes.
Link to article and podcast here - well worth a listen

Key Takeaways:

Their future...

  • Testing the 'thing', does not mean they like or are getting the 'thing'
  • We need the 'basics'/foundations, yet there are always exceptions. Ensure that the basics don't become the ceiling
  • Let's not over assess, learning is not linear, remove bell curves
  • We need to ensure personal growth, personalised pathways. 
  • Encourage creativity, curiosity, space to develop passion, choice, ownership, collaboration
  • Solve problems worth solving. Globally connected - working and learning for, from and with others.
  • Engagement at social, behavioural and emotional level. Being engaged, reduces negative behaviour
  • Rethinking roles of teachers, learners

That's not all

My fabulous colleague Sarah Whiting, who was privileged to attend Yong Zhao's presentation, reflected in her recent blog post. Sarah unpacks the mystery in a unique way: The curse of the bell curve - check out this must read.

Tuakana Teina in action 

Whilst technology rapidly evolves, how will we transform education using technology?