#IMMOOC - Part One

Innovation in Education

I have been considering innovation and what it looks like in the schools I am working with. If we take a moment to reflect on the 8 characteristics of the Innovator's Mindset below, then I feel confident that many Aotearoa NZ schools/kura are on their future focused journey...
Image: @gcouros @sylviaduckworth

#edchatnzMOOC - always learning

Reflecting on my first MOOC, (you can read more here), I loved being challenged, stretched and continuously learning. Danielle Myburgh, founder of #edchatnz, inspires thousands of educators. She is currently undertaking her Masters, exploring whether an online course (MOOC – massive open online course), can be used to engage more people in discussion of ideas about education futures.

#IMMOOC - Episode 2

Key Takeaways:

Featuring: Shawn Clark and Brady Venables
  • Role models - as leaders, we need to model what we value
  • Empathy, Relationships, Questions
  • Empower our Teachers / Leaders - spark their curiosity
  • Risk taking - open learning conversations to create a culture of improvement

Wero / challenge:
Maurie Abraham, from Hobsonville Point Secondary School, recently asserted: "our job is to lead change, not manage the status quo". My Wero to you:
  • If school wasn't compulsory, would your learners still WANT to come to your school / classrooms? 

How might you make your school/classroom invitational?

  • In what ways do your learners see themselves in your school / classrooms? 

How is your school/classrooms culturally responsive?

  • In what ways do you ensure your school/classrooms are meeting the needs of ALL our learners in an inclusive way?

How are you creating inclusive 

learning environments?