Keynote 4: Dr. Ann Milne - Colouring in the white spaces

Calling Papa Nick...

Dr. Ann Milne

Kia Aroha College foundation principal 

Naming white spaces as these are the key space to address - we have the power to shift our own thinking. 

Ann is all for collaboration, as long as Māori students are able to succeed as Māori.

Colonisation & Assimilation - a critical lens. Understanding the reasons WHY. Critical, authentic HOPE so that we can play the game, change the game, and use the tools to bring change. We need to actively teach this so we can build and empower our learners. 

How relevant is your curriculum for Māori and Pasifika students?

Māori first - cultural identity - every day, everywhere, from policy, the processes, through to practice. Culture can't be left to timetable. Critical pedagogy is not a sense of critical thinking, it is a movement. You need to be in it...culturally sustaining pedagogy. It is NOT about leaving our identity at the gate, which we pick up after 3pm. Rather, collaboration throughout the day, where students can be Māori first, Pasifika first, and work in ways which are successful. Tuakana-Teina. We want our learners to be able to think universally, AND culturally strong. 

Whānau Concept: 
knowledge, pedagogy, discipline, curriculum

"Whatever it takes"

Culturally sustaining, not just responsive


What more is possible and how much more is needed.
Equality, Equity, REALITY and FREEDOM

Ann, tēnā rawa atu koe! Thank you for the wero, the encouragement and the challenge. It is up to ALL of us to change the status quo.

Ann's thesis (PhD)
Purchase: Coloring in the White Spaces: Reclaiming Cultural Identity in Whitestream Schools