ULearn17 Breakout 6 and 7: Kāhui Ako - Lessons Learnt

Jo and Jo working collaboratively -  full flight #collaboration

Breakout 6:  
Cambridge CoL | Te Puna o Kemureti

Thanks to Melissa, Mike and the team for sharing their journey. An engaging, informative workshop for those on their own Kāhui Ako mission. 

Achievement Challenge:

Focus on what they had in common, key drivers of: 
Agency, Cultural Responsiveness & Teaching as Inquiry

Coaching Conversations:

Asking teachers the right questions
Continuing inquiry

Functions of the Team:

Trusting Relationships
Responsive Intuition
Extreme Ownership
Recognise and celebrate diversity
Effective communicators
Inquiring Minds

Logo Competition - find out about the CoL + 150 word supporting description to describe the symbolism

KIC groups 

- Kihoe Inquiry Circle, rather than PLG groups,
invite leaders - intent pure, impact does not align. feeling vulnerable. Aimed for the In-School Teachers, Across-School leaders - who then go back to their own schools, and take that momentum back within their school, PLGs.

Grow teacher efficacy development of coaching toolkit, accreditation process for validity - guidelines - shared understanding across all sectors - the what, how and why?
Functions of a coach - impact of coaching
Impact - student voice - we know which ones we have a hunch about - collect those voices - to ensure that you are having impact on all your learners.

Possibilities of Practice:

Use a rubric for measuring impact and shifts in practice over time.  Align matrix across the three themes.
By teachers, for teachers, with clear definitions, which they refine regularly. This is an area that I am particularly interested in exploring further. Building leadership and evaluative capability is paramount.

Time Management Strategies:

Zoom meetings, fortnight strategic meetings
Community Calendar
Slack - communication 
Konbanchi - platform
Community website - http://cambridgecol.weebly.com/ 

Accountable -personal and collective
Responsible - hands that shape it 
Authority - decision makers

Opportunities and Challenges 

Thank you - tēnā rawa atu koutou!

Breakout 7: ACCoS (Auckland Central Community of Schools)

Thank you Sonya, Sue, Catherine and Erin - a FABULOUS session - engaging, informative, honest and very practical. I appreciated the energy, the pace, the willingness to share resources, the 'good, bad & the ugly', in an engaging way. They are so awesome, they even blogged about their session - so I am thankful to them for helping me work smarter, by posting a link to their reflections:

Lessons Learned from ASL in Kāhui Ako

Keynote 3 - Addul Chohan captivating us all

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