NZARE Conference 2017 - Keynote: Prof. Cynthia Coburn

NZARE - Partnerships

The conference theme is based on the tongikura of Te Puea Herangi: ‘Mehemea ka moemoeā ahau, ko ahau anake. Mehemea ka moemoeā tātou, ka taea e tātou. This is inspirational in calling on our collective capacity to weave together our dreams for social, cultural and ecological justice via education.

Keynote 1: Prof Cynitha Coburn

Pathways from Research to Policy: Implications for Researchers

Decision making:
1. Conventional image 

  • Instrumental
  • Symbolic

Conceptual use of engaging with research

- introduce new concepts
- influences policymakers - new ways of viewing an existing problem
- broadens or narrows understanding of kinds of solutions that should be considered
- provides a framework to guide action

From Research: role of researchers

- access
- facilitating sensemaking
- working with research concepts - codesign
- interweaving

Implications for Researchers and Policymakers

- focus on improving quality of a wider range of research
- go beyond supporting access
- cultivate new roles for researchers
- attend to conditions for decision making in public agencies

Tēnā rawa atu koe! Thanks, Cynthia

So what, Now What?
Where do we currently sit in Aotearoa, NZ? 

As an active researcher, alongside my education consulting, I believe that because of the partnerships between myself at CORE Education and the many schools I am working with, there is a balance between theory and practice, being able to push educational boundaries, and ultimately improve learner outcomes for ALL.
Checking out the mighty Waikato last night