Leading Learning 2018

Au Kaha, Kia Kaha: Empowered, Together

It has been way too long since I last connected with my blog. After three years at CORE Ed, I have taken the opportunity to become an independent education consultant, under the umbrella of Leading Learning Ltdalongside Mark Osborne and Jo Wilson. I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and access resources.

It has been exciting setting up my new profiles, including:


I continue to read voraciously, using my #ProfReading hashtag on Twitter, with the aim of curating sound bites for busy educators. I love learning, and if I am able to influence, inspire, and encourage others on their journey.

My passion remains with empowering middle leaders through effective appraisal and leadership development, for improvement - watch this space #empoweringmiddleleaders

Finally, a reminder for all of us around the life + work balance we may strive for. I encourage you to give up the mantra of busyness, and make time for yourself, ideally every day. Rather than resolutions, check out One Word 365 - https://twitter.com/oneword365

what's your word for 2018?

My #oneword365 this year is:


Taking the opportunity to walk, reflect and refresh - working on wellbeing +