Empowering Middle Leaders - Workshop One

MidBays Kāhui Ako Day 2018

Several workshops were offered, ranging from sharing ILE Play Based learning, engaging boys through to Teaching as Inquiry, leadership and High Expectations. It is so exciting to have so many passionate educators from within the Kāhui Ako share their experiences, knowledge, and research. 
The workshop I offered was aimed at middle and senior leaders, based on the ongoing research and work that Martin (hubby) and I have been developing for middle leaders over the past few years. 

In order to be truly responsive, I invited participants to complete a pre-workshop survey. This data highlights both the rewarding and challenging aspects of the role, along with identifying the one thing that they wanted to get from the session.

Workshop One followed Ngahi's keynote presentation. The key messages around leadership included: everyone can be a leader, pick your top ONE priority, reflect often, listen, learn... all key ideas that perfectly linked to my session! Thanks, Ngahi!

Instant feedback from one participant:
"I wish I had this when I first became a middle leader...when or if I become a DP, I would definitely develop my middle leaders"


Here is a list of the resources I referred to in this session - you can also find links via my twitter #ProfReading tag - curated content for busy eductors!

Where to from here?

Ensuring middle leaders are valued, empowered and developed specifically for their complex, yet rewarding role leading from the middle, must be our priority. The call to action is real - are you ready?

As an experienced middle leader, educator, researcher and senior consultant, I work with Kāhui Ako, schools, teams, senior and middle leaders - both aspiring through to experienced leaders, in a number of ways, such as: workshops, mentoring and coaching,  and online learning. We provide responsive, personalised and tailor-made middle leadership development. 

Want More?

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