We've done 13 years - what teachers need to know! - Workshop 2

Robbie, Dan, Ileina, Gracie, Srikar (& Sophie - not in photo)

MidBays Kāhui Ako 2018

A huge thanks to the Year 13 students who willingly gave up their 'day off' to be part of the MidBays Kāhui Ako day. This workshop was well attended - and such a perfect opportunity for teachers and leaders to hear first hand what it's like to be a young adult who is just about to finish thirteen years of schooling.

Each student offered pearls of wisdom - absolute #GOLD. The audience engaged, actively listened and asked many questions. What an amazing opportunity - conversations that need to continue...


Listen, show respect - show that you care, we want/need to know our feelings are valid.
We are important, capable and independent - you have the opportunity to give us the ability to think that we are worth something. You can show that you care, by quietly observing your students, putting aside any misbehaviours, and loads of empathy.  A large % of us are struggling with something, so talk to us one to one, be honest, genuine and be yourself.
We need room to say what we feel - show interest...
Asking about home is tricky AND definitely be careful with labels. All interactions COUNT. 
Sophie's primary teacher encouraged her to write a journal, to express herself.


I know what I want to do - supportive loving parents who encouraged me to do what I want to do. I love creating, making and engineering covers this!
Big decisions are now needing to be made, and school has such a huge impact, it would be great to have career options sooner than in our senior levels.


We are always told to choose subjects that will get you where you want to go but often we don't actually know what we want to do in the future! My mum says your health is your wealth. Being able to talk to teachers earlier, have hands-on skills, a school, life balance too. The pre-notion of 'drop' out subjects needs to change as I have chosen Health and discovered this subject meets all my needs!


I am a visual learning, I use whiteboards, colours help me learn, to help me remember things - writing, sketching, UDL approach. Learning that is hands on, interactive, broken into parts, reflects on previous lesson, need guidance, some direct teaching, are all really helpful for me. Performing Arts is MY life!

Some of the ideas to explore include:

Ideas - option evenings - bring the students, get them to talk. Tell us about what actually happens within the subjects, rather than just the credits internal and external focus.
Ask us - share ideas of best practice - what works for us
With us, for us.
High expectations
Clear expectations - give us deadlines/check-ins
Reassurances - we need these - we are still working ourselves out.
Let us collaborate with others, plus teachers

Some questions:

Rules and regulations - we know which teachers accept or don't, and navigate the differences across the school. Seating plans - "wherever you seat me, I will be noisy" - just saying!!

Prompting - clear outcomes.
Homework - important for some students, when it is necessary, yet others feel it is a waste of time, unless it is challenging. It needs to link to learning, be relevant, have milestones. We study at home or know when we need to catch up - as long as there is a clear WHY - purpose.


Different ways of learning -
collaborate - need to mix up
Icebreakers - work to help bond, collaborate

One thing you could change?

Have my opinion count
Get teachers to understand each level of schooling
How we select our options

Tēnā rawa atu koutou!

- courageous, confident, actively involved students, who give us hope for the future!

Your voices count - Always speak up