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Last week I organised for our 'Empowering Women in Leadership' PLG - a fabulous group of women, to attend the M2WOMAN - Journey to Excellence Forum held at the Cordiss Hotel. I believe as educators, it is important for us to create opportunities to connect with the corporate world. WOW, the venue and lunch was pretty amazing also!

The Panel, hosted by MC, Carly Flynn, offered a diverse range of thinking and insight into the ideas around diversity, particularly looking at the need to have more women around the board room table. I particularly enjoyed listening to Kate and Tuhi - they were strong, down to earth women,  with real presence and mana. I loved their messages and insights.

Jo, Jo, Julia, Claire, Gen, Mel, Bec

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Recommendations from the panel included:

Bec and Alicia

Key Messages:

  • Be aware of our internal monologue, the shame we put on ourselves, and the idea of imposter syndrome. 
  • Women themselves as being the barrier. 
  • Be yourself - empathy, agile and check your bias. 
  • The top three problems identified by CEO and HR  are the PEOPLE. We are complex.
  • Age gap is becoming more divided, particularly the digital divide. 
  • Leaders embrace flexibility AND Technology
  • First day of work- induction, powhiri, cultural self
  • Bringing your whole self to work - seeing yourself within the organisation.

Connections beyond today...

In NZ, we still have a long way to go. IF we are really wanting to focus on diversity, we need more people at the table. In fact, at our table, we realised that we would love to continue the conversations, connect with corporates, and learn from each other. Who is interested in partnerships with our schools? How about hearing from our education lense/perspective and lets build partnerships and collaborate.

If you would like to continue the conversation or connect - please do get in touch.