Mid Bays Kāhui Ako Conference 2019

Keynote Speaker: Welby Ings

The Disobedient Thinker - teaching beyond compliance

Welby Ings, author of Disobedient Teaching. A calling- change comes from human heart works with another person, not policy. NZ is a radical country -again is trying to make education better. 

In the past, play, with astute questioning, the Arts were a way of processing thought, to build wairua which sustains us for learning.

The difference between learning and being taught (poster,1975)

"develop their interests, in different ways, at their own pace"


NZ - 6th richest country Global Wealth Report (2018)
2018 Unicef Classroom Equality - the gap between NZ - 33/38 inequality = UNFAIR.

The profession in crisis - teachers leaving the profession.
Currently, 43,000 National Conversations and reviews - design thinking approach to review NZ.

We are pushing against the performers and reporters. Learning and teaching are actually messy. 
  • What really is teaching? 
  • What is your fundamental belief about education?
Testing as accountability - regime of testing comparative rather than diagnostic. 

NCEA review - examinations - rows, clock ticking...3 hours. Can measure specific skills, but can't measure initiative, curiosity, creativity etc. These are the basic survival skills, not just soft skills. Testing misses out on recognising the intelligence of many students. Test critically. The tools - how do they think? How do we get them to the next level of success. 
The illusion of success - they may be the dux, but actually are not brave, risk-aversive. Diagnostic tools that help us teach? 
Ask: which of these tests help me do my job better?

Lifelong learning - ubiquitously
Stepping to the edge - and our students will fly. (Tony Giles, Lead Principal, Kāhui Ako)

Ask questions: 
1. Do you know what makes you retain some knowledge over others?
2. What are your best strategies for helping you learn?
3. What strategies do you do next to push yourself further?

What kind of thinkers pay the price?

- reflective thinker - multiple lenses to the problem
- finely tuned thinker - multiple ways of presenting wonder
- mercurial thinker - not structured - creates 
- material thinker - abstract
The victim of success - thinks they are gifted. Learning is a community - have to attend. Damaged and injured...

Don't give up, don't give in to cynicism...

care for thinkers like you

Retain agency
Go viral
Face the truth - what doesn't work?

en theos - enthusiasm (not cheerleading)

= the core of humanity and our profession
Tēnā rawa atu koe, Welby!