Mid Bays Kāhui Ako Seminar: Michael Moka: Indigenous Growth

Michael Moka: Indigenous Growth

Grab a pen - write:
 I am proud to be...My name is....
Now try writing this with your other hand.

True Potential - Indigeonous Growth

What is your role outside work? How can we utilise these strengths
AIM: Conquer poverty mindset

Hutia te Rito

If we pull the centre of the harakeke out, then we take away the native birds' nourishment and they won't thrive. Think about our ākonga. 

If you read and write, you can succeed. 
Writing with our dominant hand.
Marae: Carvers, waiata, storytime, oral culture 
Show our learners that they ARE learners. 
There are creative ways - if they know it is possible.

What makes you unique?

taha wairua - spiritual wellbeing
taha hinengaro - emotional wellbeing
taha whānau - cultural wellbeing 
taha tinana - physical wellbeing

None of these can be at 0 as they will negatively weave.
It takes ONE teacher that CARES

  • Get back to the basics
  • Creating an environment that looks after their wellbeing - spiritually, emotionally, physically
  • connect them to who they are culturally - individually, family, culture

Tēnā rawa atu koe, Michael. Inspiring and practical.
We MUST do better, and we MUST do better NOW