Complex Times - more than just a leader

Resilient Leaders - Activating the Calm - Kathryn Berkett

- Dr Bruce Perry
Introducing the Brain 
survival, impulsive, irrational, 'two year old', selfish = Lower/Red Brain
override impulse, plan, sequence, time management, abstract, empathy = Upper/Green Brain 

Activating the stress response
Stressor - increased chance going to die - survival instinct = Fight/Flight response 

Red brain  reactive brain
Green Brain rational brain
Sandpapered brain

Reflect: how are we acknowledging the 'sandpapered brain'?
How many 'sandpapers' do we have in our day? Think about the implications of long-term 'sandpapered brain'?

What can we do?
take a walk, release the tension from your shoulders, ask - how am I feeling, check-in daily to identify 'where you are at', laugh, sing, deep breathing

Increasing Self-regulation: 
  • what calms you?
  • do that until you create a physiological calm state in your body
  • condition this moment 
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
Survival Brain Calm:
See me, and Show me Belong, Tell me what's Happening, Give me some Control

Middle Leaders Conference - August 2019 

Workshop: empowering middle leaders