Disrupt - take action NOW!

Transforming from Desperation through Disruption

Dr. Lance O'Sullivan

People need to feel like you are listening to them.
Health System - are we ACTUALLY listening and helping them with what they need - building trust.

Medicine and Health - our system is not set up to make our people healthy. It is DESPERATE for our Māori - institutional racism - We CAN'T wait.

Strong Māori Role Models - Lance succeeded at Hato Petera because he could finally see himself succeeding as Māori. Now Lance has established the Hato Petera Leadership Academy for boys. In the process of setting up the same model for Māori girls in Epsom.

Innovation is about ACTION!

iMoko - the digital health democracy

MaiHEALTH - 'drive-through' care

Embracing Failure because we are LEARNING

Middle Leaders Conference 2019

One of the highlights was connecting with colleagues, friends, and both aspiring and experienced leaders...Great to have so many people focusing on middle leadership development.

Empowering Middle Leaders - workshop 2

"In order for our middle leaders to feel valued and developed as leaders, meaningful appraisal experiences, and middle leadership development opportunities need to be a priority"  Robson & Bassett (2017)

Supporting Cancer Society Daffodil Day 2019