ULearn16 Keynote 3: Michael Fullan & Leadership

Time of Whole System Change - Transform Learning & Leading

Hearing Michael Fullan was an absolute privilege. Here are my very rough notes, plus links to the video, a coherent reflection from our CORE Education blog, alongside the reflection graphics. 

We need to Change Mindsets:
Exploit disruption
including: New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

  • A Global Innovation Partnership
  • A number of countries - 7 countries clusters of schools
  • California (only State in US) and Ontario

Watch the Keynote here:
Read the CORE Education blog reflection by Rebecca Sweeney here
Also, the reflection graphics here:
Updated blog: http://core-ed.org/events/ulearn/ulearn16-keynote-summaries/ 
Humans innately are:

  • wired to connect enhance or destroy
  • wired to create do we build on it or destroy it? working hard - passion struggled and continued
  • wired to help humanity
Identify the lies and then ask what can we do about it?

Deep Learning and equity - started with 'good for all', those students who were under served, congruent with native values - building trust relationships with all students high expectations efficacy provides support systems. Whole System Change.
Strategies such as the review of UK Literacy / Numeracy were negative
don't obsess with targets, the FOCUS - 4 -5 years (UK literacy/numeracy project)
Instead: Capacity building - individually and collectively

Strategies required that raise the bar and close the gap:
Accountability alone doesn't. We need:
- internal accountability (Coherence)
- securing good standards  (insufficient)
- system culture (promising success)

Leadership from the Middle

Breakthrough Leadership: 

1. respect and reject the status quo (not either . or
2. be an expert and an apprentice
3. experiment and commit

The new reality
- social media - ubiquitous
- they weaken hierarchies  - lateral far more powerful
- distribution of power
 - connection is the new power
Young most connected, and least committed to the status quo - can't wait to do something different

The above conditions cause learners to outrun leaders and researchers

New job description required as leader, to help learners to run better, to produce better citizens for tomorrow, today

Education as the Societal Change Agent

The Glue of the 6 Cs - 6 Cs 
character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creative critical thinking

Deep Learning Framework - exploit the framework - learn from each other

Shifts in pedagogical practices increased professionalism
Rather than avoiding change in PLD - new leadership for Deep Learning

Case Study (view here)
8 Lessons

  • score of educators  are ready for change liberate them in purposeful partnerships
  • Culture of learning is foundation
  • Practice embedded collective inquiry 
  • new leadership and ongoing support and challenge
  • Students are radical agents of change
  • pedagogy is the driver, tech is the accelerator (culture is the run way)
  • deep learning incorporates whānau community partnership part of the solution
  • system change is bubbling up within large districts and beyond


Getting Beyond Better (text) Roger Martin / Sally Osberg
Ramo - The seventh Sense (text)

  • Jai Mehta's 'Deeper Learning: Ten Ways you can die with deep learning' blog is a recommended read.
  • Excellent resources/further information about New Pedagogies for Deep Learning here
  • 'Leadership from the Middle' - article here

Fullan's Wero:

Two way partnership:
 - we must exploit the mutual learning and take advantage of Mindsets
Senior Leaders: Liberate and cultivate the middle

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