Changing Spaces: Keynote with Mark Osborne - Leading Learning Ltd

Mark Osborne's, Leading Learning Ltdprovocative keynote reminds us of how rapid the world is changing. We can't just focus on the three R's, communication is the key, using all the tools available. 

Robots are writing articles, conducting surgery, detecting cancers, taking our jobs! Yet, it is not a traumatic or negative thing, it is just the skills we require are changing. We need to shift accordingly. Humanity is essential. Robots can't solve complex problems, creativity, and empathy. Non- routine customised work - creative, network economy - aspirations to prepare our children for this world.

How we are learning? Brain activation during task (Miller et al. 2002) - comparing the subjects, if we teach to the average, we don't activate the uniqueness of each individual brain. "variability is the rule, not the exception" (Todd Rose)

We must prepare our learners for their future, not our past - executive function - exercise choice (Richard Elmore), ensuring our learners are active learners. Our spaces - affordance for openness, flexibility, collaboration. Spaces need to be deliberate AND must be linked to effective pedagogy. 

Responding to the negative press:
"buildings alone are not enough... (Blackmore et al.)

Implications of ILEs: 
- what's your vision for learning? What do we value in teaching and learning? What we know works
fit for purpose
- quality of teaching - supporting
teacher collaboration