Advertising - We're lovin' It

Welcoming a former student back into the classroom is always a proud moment. Rory, currently works at DDB creative. Many years ago, I was his Year 13 English Teacher at Long Bay College - LBC Represent!
Rory from DDB creative - sharing his wisdom and expereinces
Interactive adverts: Skittles = innovate

Keep your finger on the skittle...

Here is what Rory taught us during our session. The face of advertising has to constantly evolve. People, particularly teens, do not watch TV how your parents and grandparents did. You are engaged with social media, gaming, movies, youtube and so forth. Therefore, the advertisers need to be even more creative and innovative.

1. Product Truths 

- aspire to...
The 'Old Spice' campaigns are a classic example of "smelling better than yourself"

Capture target audience
Clear purpose
Tell a story, in a different way

2. Interactive adverts to capture our attention 

Examples we explored:

- Skittles

- Cricket - TUI prize $100,000 - wear orange shirts and catch the ball. Millions of $$$ of exposure rather than TV advert.

- Dumb Ways to Die - instead of a boring announcement, people sought out and listened to the clips, they were entertaining rather than shocking 

3. Creative

Rory shared one of his recent projects - he was pretty humble, even though he has just returned from France - picking up awards!

#Bring Down the King  

The Brief: SKY - we want to promote the new season. It was over to us - what is the best way?
Traditional ways - radio ad/TV 
Sitting in a room - what is a good idea?
Month to put together. 
The Pitch: Every time someone tweeted #bringdowntheking, King Joffrey would be one tweet closer brought down. 
They Hooked 70 million people in, record #s website traffic, largest streaming #s in the world.
We had NO sleep for five days during the live stream, ensuring it all ran smoothly.
Watch this space for the AWARD clean up!

4. Rory's Advice

Rory highly recommends the AUT Bachelor of Communications - advertising, event management etc course.
Most importantly, Work Hard - you need to put in the hours to be successful. It is competitive, Challenging and totally worth it.
Remember: choose a Career you enjoy - you have many years of work ahead.

Learning - we're lovin' it 
Thanks Rory for your time and expertise.