#MLE Melbourne Tour 2015 - Camberwell High School

Transformative Learning Design 

Jill Laughlin, principal at Camberwell High School, spent time unpacking their learning design process. Check out the school's website here, including links to their strategic plan, vision for learning, and the impressive Enterprise Centre. 

The Enterprise Centre was a collaborative project, set out to cater for 21st Century learning. Technology is fully integrated, and learning settings are flexible. These purposeful learning zones, including outdoor learning, collaborative zones, a design studio and an auditorium. This enables their students to work in a diverse number of ways, both independently and collaboratively.
Principal Jill Laughlin sharing the Camberwell High School learning journey

Learning Design Process

The Learning Design Process at Camberwell High School

Their learning statement is: "Learning that is transformative, dynamic, monitors growth and is based on respectful and positive relationships, and the learning landscape consists of:
  1. Collaboration
  2. Community of Learners
  3. Deep  Learning
  4. Differentiation
  5. Monitoring Growth
  6. Negotiation

"The Camberwell High School community has embraced the challenge of developing a shared vision for learning that prepares students for a complex, globalised, post industrial world.
~ Julia Atkin

The students I chatted with, enjoy being at school, they feel engaged and challenged. Several mentioned that their teachers care about them. Here are a few pictures capturing aspects of the Enterprise Centre.

Students rehearsing their play, in French

Technology is integrated / blended learning
Outdoor Learning Zone

Leadership Development

Another highlight from our visit to Camberwell High School, was the importance placed on leadership development. Time is invested into their leaders, with several opportunities for emerging leaders. Their leadership is distributive - check out examples here.

Trivia: "I should be so lucky..."

Finally, DID YOU know...

Kylie (and Dannii) Minogue attended Camberwell High School


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