National Networking Hui - Day 2 Valerie Hannon #NNH

Introducing Global Trends 

We need to move beyond consumers of research and become creators of knowledge instead. Transformational.
Daniel Pink - (Drive) Motivation: mastery, autonomy and purpose

Emergent Trends?

Mastery - extend learning? Less, better. DEPTH
PBL - 
Scafffolding - what does it look like? Ownership? Mindset of teachers - letting go, let us not underestimate what our students CAN do.
Connected - DEPTH? 

Concentric Circles: 

 What is going on NOW
What is NEXT? Plans?
AMBITION? Vision - crunchy

Next Stage: Critique, Share & Exhibit - Mapping a future focused network collaboratively.

REAL Project - Rigorous Engaged Authentic Learning (link)
Letting Go - 

I used to think... 

and then I saw

Check out Joe Pardoe - and his blogpost