Exercising a balanced 2016

Reflections, Goals and Actions

I love the challenge of thinking of one word that will help guide the year ahead. With every new year, I relish the opportunity to reflect on all that has been, as well as looking at the many possibilities ahead. You can read last year's post here. 2015 was certainly a year for making connections. There were personal challenges as well - things that make you grateful for life, living, laughing, loving and learning.

This year I wanted to ensure that my life/work balance was addressed, hence the Oneword365 challenge. In choosing one word, we are giving ourselves permission to perhaps focus on one area, well, rather than spreading ourselves thin. 

For me personally, I feel much more productive with a healthy body and mind. My whānau would agree I'm sure! Therefore, let me introduce you to my word to live by for 2016:


I love language! The fact that exercise is both a noun and a verb fits in well with my current thinking. On one level, I am getting physical to improve my wellbeing, health and fitness levels. At work, I am able to exercise and apply my constant learnings in a range of schools as we transform learning, leading and teaching - I love my job at CORE Education.
 Climbing up Mt Maunganui helped kickstart #exercise2016
It has also been interesting to read the #edblogNZ challenge, and hopefully, I will be able to catch up retrospectively with their monthly challenge. 

Meanwhile, I will continue to exercise, spend quality time with my whānau, and retain a healthy life/work balance for 2016. 

What's your word to live by?

Aroha mai, Aroha atu