DEANZ 2016 Conference: There and Back - CORE Education

Workshop: One ring to rule them all? 

Universal Design for Learning

The Fabulous UDL / Team Moodle Awesomeness, from Core Education
It is always a privilege to be working with such an inspiring, talented and passionate group of people. People who are always learning, challenging the status quo, and ensuring that we are inclusive - for ALL - tēnā rawa atu koutou - Tātai Aho Rau.
- a way of accessing UDL
Imagine 20 people for dinner
Adults + credit card
Default - diversity, we expect it
Predictable variability at outset
Universal Design for EATING - courtesy to consider ALL needs.

This powerful image of analogy - snow + ramp - access for ALL Learners?

Another example:
Universal Design for Pool Users 
5 'types' of people - connected using streamers - different colours 5 scenarios - we were visibly challenging and changing our practice.

Universal Design for Learning

3 primary UDL principles highlight areas we can: 
remove or minimise barriers to learning
build in flexibility, put in place universal supports and options at the outset

  • Why - affective
  • What - recognition 
  • How - strategic

Sandpit and Discussions

Jump in and play - prototype how online learning could be for this group of learners...

Want more? 

Chrissie Butler, Core Education - EdTalks