DEANZ 2016 Conference: There and Back - CORE Education and UNITEC presents...

Practice Paper: The Two Towers: Appraisal and Leadership Development for 'Middle' Leaders

The Two Towers: Jo Robson, CORE Education and Martin Bassett, Unitec Institute of Technology

It seems that in our quest to ensure 'Middle' leaders are both appraised and developed, we have struck a chord with organisations near and far. 

Fabulous support crew from Tātai Aho Rau - CORE Education 2016

Our Quest:

  • The practice paper we presented at DEANZ16 can be accessed here, along with our presentation.
  • We have submitted our developed paper to the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning (JOFL) -
  • Planning and creating - utilising the expertise of CORE Education's UDL, Learning Design and facilitation team, along with Unitec's academic Educational Leadership and Management team.
  • Submitted our abstract for ULearn16 - to prototype our 'online' national Middle Leaders course 

Curious to know more?

- watch this space!