DEANZ 2016 Conference: There and Back - Presentations

Presentation: How to keep learners engaged in a blended Learning environment

John Milne

Content & Activity
Thinking about moving from Replacement to Enhancement (SAMR)


  1. Getting Students Engaged - relevant, social community
  2. Maintaining Engagement - teacher presence
  3. Re-engaging - longer its left, harder to recover

Key takeaway: 

Based on the Massey University research conducted - 10 strategies - the key, you need all ten. Effort of Facilitator - enthusiasm and presence - 

Presentation: What are the influences on teacher mobile technology self efficacy within secondary school classrooms?

Jo Tilton
Dr. Maggie Hartnett

Self efficacy - learner agency, future focused, social cognitive theory  

Linked to:
success, achievement self regulation effort, persistence

Mastery, Modelling, coaching, physiological reactions. Conversely, failure undermines efficacy. Have to have universal supports.

Study: Jo explored how self efficacy changed over time. Teachers were given ipads, prior to the students getting them. Support and learning wrapped around. Explore, experiment before using them in classrooms. 


  • Experiencing success
  • collective efficacy between students and teachers
  • perceived VALUE built efficacy - affordance - enjoyment, organisation, differentiate, agency
  • facilitator and collaborator 
Barriers to technology - infrastructure and time 
However, developed coping strategies, suggesting a level of resilience

Key takeaway: 

Modelling Learning - we are all learners.