CORE Education & Stonefields School 2016


The inaugural Changing Spaces event, a partnership between Stonefields School and CORE Education, held recently at Stonefields School, was attended by enthusiastic educators from across Aotearoa New Zealand. On the last day of the holidays no less!

The collaborative keynote was delivered by Mark Osborne, Senior Consultant at CORE Education and Sarah Martin, foundation principal of six years - (Shared collaborative doc).

Key Ideas:

Mark Osborne:
Preparing students for their future, not our past!
Industrial age of schools - one size fits all
The visible (bells, timetables etc) and the hidden curriculum (polite, punctuality, respect for authority)

Game changer - disruptive technology - not enough to get the right answer 
Exponential growth - Moore's Law 1997 - 2011 - every 18 months, 

 The Ages of Spiritual Machines  - #ProfReading:

Check out the CORE Education ILE White Paper - Mark Osborne has updated this paper which you can access here.
  1. practice AND space, buildings alone, are not enough
  2. Serial redesign 
  3. Collaboration - clear links between collaboration and improvement
Sarah Martin:
  • Who do you sit with? Who do you trust? And not trust?
  • Inquiry 
  • Relationships - Fullan 
  • Collaboration - the maker or breaker - basis of collaboration - learning, problem solving - the SUPER SIZER
It works - Hattie - collective efficacy - 1.57 impact 
Jane Gilbert - build a strong disposition of collaboration

"It's our job to shift outcomes" - deem to be important
Collaborating with diverse others + knowledge/expertise - what we DO with Knowledge and Collaborative expertise - 

Sense Making- providing conditions for collaboration
Conversational Intelligence - here 
Tracey Ezard - The Buzz:

TRUST - falling in love - oxytocin and dopamine - Judith Glasser (text)
= Synergetic level 
How do we have sense making conversations early on? 
High Functioning Synergetic teams:
Function - systems/procedures - sub culture - social sensitivity 
Moving from the I space to the WE space
Manage Conflict - 

Because they're worth it - the values and mindsets - our mantra

Collaboration in 'changing spaces' is the game changer

An inspiring collaborative keynote, followed by two opportunities to attend practical workshops, run by CORE Education facilitators and Stonefields School staff. Twitter was trending - and Tara Fagan from CORE Education curated a Storify here.

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With Term 3 about to begin, we are now looking forward to the upcoming CORE Education

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