Mid Bays Kāhui Ako Conference: Workshop - Paul Stevens

Using Design Thinking to Empower student agency and engagement

Creativity is a process

Design Thinking 

- a mental model to promote creativity
- a way of being in the classroom
- being divergent, open to mistakes, 
- emphasises the process of learning and creation
- promotes experimentation through an inquiry
- empowers student engagement through self efficacy
- teaches students how to live well - humanity


My Mantras:

  1. The journey is the destination
  2. learning is the process
  3. the obstacle is the way
  4. the beginner's mind is the best mind
  5. perfection is not the aim, better is

Design Process - divergent and convergent, not linear
empathy building, launching - sharing
Look, listen and learn, 
Navigate ideas, 
Highlight & Fix, 
Launch to an audience

Tēnā rawa atu koe, Paul!