Keynote: Dr. Ann Milne

Leading in a Space of Disruption

Dr. Ann Milne PhD 
Lessons in Leadership:
Humanising education - the task before us, despite the shift - the level of disruption required or the size of the change is still not realised. Pushing back against the status quo is needed!

  • Who is teaching 
  • Who is being taught
  • What is being taught?
  • Why is it being taught and how? 

No shortcuts to 'doing our work'
White Spaces - white privilege whereby our Māori children are marginalised. 

Sitting on the fence - truth-telling - neutrality is a position.

Ann Milne challenges Kāhui Ako to collaborate AS LONG AS Māori children are no longer marginalised. Let's not start with a deficit position.

Kia Aroha College - Learning and achieving success as Māori Warrior Scholars
Do you actually know how to teach us?
If you haven't already, check out the 6-part series of blogs on the NZARE site

Institutionalised racism - we cannot continue sugar-coating this, NZ continues to score highly for inequity across education (latest Unicef report, 2018)

Unconscious bias 

We need to do better!   

Who is not being taught? 

How do we challenge and change it so our learners can be culturally sustaining? We need to be going beyond culturally responsive. We need Critical Pedagogies - not just critical thinking.

Graduate Profile for Māori, Tongan, and Samoan. Can our learners see themselves in the curriculum, the school environment, the community? 

What is the purpose of education?

The Wero

Warrior Scholars, need Warrior Teachers, and Warrior Leaders - this is your opportunity - Across School Leaders

Action Continuum - eliminating the white spaces

Tēnā rawa atu koe, Ann!


Kāhui Ako: He Waka eke noa!